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Shoulder Pain Prevention

Shoulder Pain

It’s often referred to as “the shoulder joint,” but your shoulder is actually made up of several joints combined with tendons, ligaments, and muscles. A variety of injuries and conditions can impact your shoulder joint, including: Sprains and strains, Dislocation or separation, Impingement, Bursitis, Rotator cuff injuries, Osteoarthritis, or tendinitis.

Also known as a ball and socket joint, the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint is the most mobile joint in the body. The shoulder joint may seem more secure than it actually is. The socket of the glenoid fossa is not deep enough to allow for a stable and protected fit for the humeral head. In reality, the fossa is relatively flat, which means it is imperative that the four key stabilizers (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, teres minor) and doing their job, and the prime movers, such as the pec major and bicep do not become tight and/or overactive leading to dysfunction and possible pain.

If you are interested in restoring shoulder health from shoulder impingement, SLAP Tears, bicep tendonitis, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and many other afflictions, understanding the shoulders connection the scapular and rib cage is the first task. Let our experienced chiropractors near Portland Maine explain how we can help bullet proof your shoulders, from softball throwing injuries to lacrosse collisions injuries.

Some Common Conditions We Treat

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Shoulder Bursitis

Tenderness is often characterized by a dull, achy feeling and is the result of overuse.

Rotator Cuff or Surpaspinatus Tears

Rotator cuff tears can often be the result of repetitive activities, especially those overhead, and movements that require quick force through the shoulder. Rotator Cuff Tears often present with weakness accompanied by pinpoint or radiating pain.
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Shoulder Impingment

Shoulder pain is often the result of poor ROM and muscular activation when your shoulders round forward from bad posture, unless acute or overuse trauma has occurred.

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Shoulder Pain Patient Review

If you're looking for superb chiropractic treatment at a quality, family run business, look no further! Tracey and Victor are amazing! They are both professional, personable and reliable, while providing the most personalized treatment you can find.
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Possible Treatment Options For Shoulder Pain

We provide the leading soft tissue therapy to treat muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves.
Research supports the benefits for chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations of the spine to reduce restrictions and dysfunction in the joints
Corrective exercises and end range loading techniques are beneficial in creating proper long-lasting soft tissue results

For other treatment options, you may be interested in learning more about physical therapy for back pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm experiencing pain behind the shoulder blade. Can a chiropractor help with that?
    Yes our chiropractors are highly skilled in treating conditions of the scapula. Our chiropractors provide conservative treatment options and will prescribe stability exercises to assist in reducing shoulder blade pain. We would first have to evaluate movement patterns of the upper extremity to determine the specific exercises and appropriate course of treatment. Mobilization of the scapula, and adjustments provide relief.
  • I fell on my shoulder from slipping on snow and ice, can you help?
    Depending on your specific case we can recommend exercises that are precise towards your diagnosis as a fall can stem from a variety of issues. Seeing a medical professional following a fall or accident is beneficial especially if you are experiencing pain. It is important to get the injured area examined in order that appropriate treatment can be administered and proper rehabilitation can begin. If nothing is broken we can incorporate a variety of soft tissue therapies with rehabilitative exercises to promote healing and proper mobility.
  • What is adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder? What are some things I can do for relief?
    With frozen shoulder it is crucial to start treatment immediately. Treatment for frozen shoulder involves range-of-motion exercises and, sometimes, corticosteroids and numbing medications injected into the joint capsule to help with pain. People who've had prolonged immobility or reduced mobility of the shoulder are at higher risk of developing frozen shoulder.


We utilize soft tissue treatments such as Graston Technique to restore the proper motion of muscles, fascia, ligaments, nerves, and tendons. In conjunction with other soft tissue treatments and rehab exercises we use end range loading techniques beneficial in creating proper long lasting soft tissue results. This reduces tension/ tightness and eliminates the patient’s pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction.


Take a couple of minutes to tell us about your symptoms and pain areas. Prefer to chat over the phone? Call us for a free discovery visit phone consultation or visit Mend Health of Scarborough Maine.