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S.A.S. running group


S.A.S is a running group near Portland Maine in Scarborough. It meets on the Eastern Trail and is for all skill levels of runners! Read More…

Pro Hockey Chiropractic Society


We are excited to be affiliated with a select few of team chiropractic doctors. The Professional Hockey Chiropractic Society (PHCS) is an organization of highly skilled chiropractors that provide care to the players and staff for the National Hockey League (NHL) teams. Read More…

Dysfunction function what's your junction?

If you’re like many weekend warriors out there, you may have a “problem area” that repeatedly gives you issues, annoyingly interrupting your training routine. Learn how the Cumulative Injury Cycle works and how you can break it.
Read More…

Ice Ice Baby

Hopefully I didn’t date myself with the Vanilla Ice reference, but Cryotherapy is a buzzword that’s getting a lot of attention. Read More…